Police Department

Chief David Young

590 Old York Road at Route 202 North
Branchburg, New Jersey 08876

Non-Emergency # (908) 526-3830
FAX# (908) 526-8399

To obtain a copy of a police report call (908)526-3830 to make an appointment 

Monday-Friday 8am-4pm.

NOTE:  Please follow the prompts to records.  Please allow 3-5 business days from when the report was taken.


The Officers of the Branchburg Township Police Department are dedicated to provide security, protection, and professional service to our residents and all who visit or pass through our Township. We will be vigilant in our duties as we strive to improve the quality of life in our community.

-Retired Chief Brian R. Fitzgerald

Branchburg Police Department was started on June 16, 1980. The Department currently has 26 fulltime-sworn officers, 2 civilian employees, 5 crossing guards, and 8 Emergency Management volunteers.

The Department has specialized units comprised of officers who have taken on duties in addition to their patrol or detective work:

 Ø     Detective Bureau
 Ø     Juvenile Officer
 Ø     School Resources
 Ø     Traffic Safety
 Ø     Community Policing
 Ø     Services
 Ø     Bike Patrol
 Ø     First-Aid
 Ø     Explorers
 Ø     Emergency Management


All Patrol Squads are overseen by Patrol Commander Captain William Halderman.  Please contact Capt. Halderman at (908)526-3830 ext: 409 with any questions, concerns, or inquiries within the community.


Branchburg Police sponsors a BSA Police Explorers program to teach youths between the ages of 14 and 21 about laws, law enforcement, and police services.   They learn to become better equipped to handle life’s emergencies and to protect themselves. They meet every other Thursday 7:00pm to 9:00pm.  If your child would like to join, please contact Ofc. Proscia, Ofc. DeCandia, or Ofc.  Edgar.  Many of the Explorers later on become police officers, corrections, legal, rescue squad and fire dept. personnel.


Corporal Auleta is currently in charge of our D.A.R.E. program along with Ofc. Kate Proscia and Ofc. Jon Elbert as instructors.  The D.A.R.E. program teaches children about drug and alcohol abuse. Safety issues are taught to grades K-4 about using 911 and Stranger-Danger!   The School Resource Officers make visitations to the Central School lunchroom to keep in contact with students, as they get older.  The officers also attend many other school functions: school dances, games, and plays.  This allows an open line of conversation between students/police officers in which students feel free to express their concerns and problems.  Officers also make visits to Midland School and other pre-schools in Branchburg Township. 


Sergeant Peter Crisafulli heads this unit with Cpl. Christine Auleta and Detective Edward Edgar.  The Detective Bureau is responsible for handling all of our Departments investigations and crime scenes.  The Detective Bureau also is involved in all juvenile issues and in Megan’s Law.  They are connected to the statewide Missing Child Alert System (Amber Alert).  This computer system allows us to quickly notify and be notified by police agencies in New Jersey about missing and endangered children.

Firearms Applications:

Applications may be picked up at Police Headquarters, Monday thru Friday from 9am to 3pm.


Child Seats:

Corporal Christine Auleta is certified in Child Safety Seat inspections.  Your child’s car seat can be checked to make sure it is securely installed, for recalls, and other safety issues with vehicle occupant protection.

In addition, Branchburg Police Department offers residents Child Safety Cards.  These cards contain your child’s name and photo and parent’s contact phone numbers.  This card is handy for grandparents, babysitters, and daycare professionals who watch over your child.  The card contains the pertinent contact information as well as what to do if your child becomes missing. For an appointment please contact the Branchburg Police Department Mon-Fri from 8am-4pm at 908-526-3830.

Branchburg Police are now equipped with vehicle lockout tools to open cars that have children locked inside.  This was partly funded by private donations.

The National SAFE KIDS Campaign is the first and only national non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of unintentional childhood injury.


The Bike Patrol Unit is part of the Patrol Division that is utilized during special assignments and community events.


Our Patrol officers are trained and certified in First-Aid, Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and Automatic External Defibrillation. We carry first-aid kits and Defibrillators in the patrol cars and respond to medical emergencies with the Branchburg Rescue Squad.


The Traffic Safety Unit has three officers who are involved in all aspects of traffic safety: enforcement, road closures, and roadwork zone safety. Sgt. Kaczorek is in charge of the Unit with Ofc. Steve Cronce and Ofc. Michael Eaton assisting him.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding Traffic Safety or Enforcement please contact Sgt. Kaczorek at (908)526-3830 ext: 1010.


Corporal Auleta is our Community Policing officer.


Are Branchburg residents really prepared should disaster hit? The time to prepare is now, long before the storms and other disasters occur.  Please check the links below for more information concerning Homeland Security and other information on preparedness.

For citizens interested in becoming involved in Emergency Management, the township offers many opportunities to do just that. The Office of Emergency Management has begun a program of recruiting volunteers for its CERT Program. This federally funded program trains residents to help themselves, their neighbors and their community during disasters. Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) provides basic training in disaster survival and rescue skills to improve the ability of the citizens to survive until emergency personnel arrive. CERT teams have been used to search for lost or kidnapped children, staff Emergency Operations Centers and assist Red Cross and other relief organizations on mass care. CERT training consists of 20 hours of instruction over an eight-week period. We currently have 9 active members with 4 associates. For more information, please contact James Kennedy, Coordinator, Office Of Emergency Management at HQ.

BURGLAR & FIRE ALARMS are required to be registered with the Department of Fire Safety.  This includes all residential and business alarm systems.  We request your assistance in managing your alarm for the protection they were designed for and for more efficient use of your Fire and Police Services.  False fire/burglar alarms will be prosecuted according to Township Ordinances.  Registration forms can be picked up at the Municipal Building, Police HQ or online.

For a complete list of Police Department and public safety links, please visit our related links page by clicking here.

Other Phone Numbers:

Ø    Sexual Assault Support Services Women’s Health and Counseling Center: (908)526-7444

Ø     Richard Hall Mental Health Center: (908) 725-2800

Ø       Resource Center For Women and Their Families Emergency Shelter & 24-Hr. Hotline: (908) 685-1122 or 1-866-685-1122

Ø The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children: The Nation’s Resource Center for Child Protection, or call 1-800-THE-LOST.